Competitions are held regularly throughout the season; each meet is hosted by different speed skating clubs and therefore vary in location. Many of these competitions are in the lower mainland.

Most competitions are run as ability meets where skaters race against other skaters of similar ability rather than by age group; this allows skaters to better challenge themselves during racing situations. Towards the end of the season age-class meets are held in each region for the purposes of selecting skaters in each age group to compete in provincial and national championships. Skaters in the juvenile and junior age categories also have the opportunity to attend the B.C. Winter Games.

At least one club coach tries to accompany and support club skaters who are participating in theses various competitions.

Registration fees average around $20-40 dollars for ability meets, age-class meets, or other competitions.  Most meets are held in the lower Fraser valley, within a one-hour drive outside of Richmond.

The Long Term Participant Athlete Development Plan (LTPAD) adopted by BC Speed skating and Speed Skating Canada guides the way we have competitions. Listed below are the LTPAD Program Age categories.

BCSSA Meets & Events Calendar

Events on the calendar are colour-coded:
General events: e.g. AGMs, officials training sessions, coaching courses etc.
Performance Stream: events for ISU Junior and Senior athletes who are training and skating at a performance level.
Provincial Stream: events for L2T and older athletes who have met a defined time standard.
Regional Stream: events for all other athletes.