Welcome Back Rockets!

In just few days the speed skating gang will be back shredding the track and sharing their summer adventures. As a coach I will notice what 5 months has done to the skaters, many changes; some skaters will have grown, some will have matured and reached milestones, some will have trained, some will have moved on, but in all I hope you will be happy to be back.

On September 5th I will embark this exciting season with you. We have a number of important meets right here at the Oval. We have skaters on the WEC, Western T2T, the Academy and the PPP. The BC Winter Games in February, The BC Short Track is in the Lower Mainland, the Olympics to watch and some Long Track too.

It will be important that  you keep  informed regarding standards needed to participate in provincial/national level competitions. The BCSSA website is a great source of information, get friendly with it. Calvin has done a wonderful job with our website, and with our Facebook page we hope to be able to reach everyone. Important information will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

The club is evolving. We have a new President and Board members, and a new coach for Gr1. Ricky Krieck will join the coaching staff on Tuesdays with Greg and Yan Yan. Ricky was a ST skater for many years, and transitioned to LT and trained with the National Team in Calgary. He is now working at the Oval and we are exciting that he can volunteer his time to coach Gr1.

For Gr2 the group dynamic will also change. Darryl is in university, Lola is going to pursue other activities, Nick is in Germany doing is PHD, Boston is doing the Peak Performance program, Émilee (Heather) is joining the Integrated School Model at the Oval.

September will be a month of adjustments where coaches and Board members get to work. Coaches will observe the skaters and put together Gr1 & Gr2 so we have balanced groups where skaters can learn, be safe and be challenged. I am sad to see some skaters leave to begin a new stage in their life, but I am glad that speed skating was part of their journey, I wish them well. As for the new and returning skaters, the coaching staff is ecstatic to see you eager and ready to roll. We will have fun and we will skate hard.

Head Coach