Equipment and Clothing

Equipment Requirements

All skaters are required to wear a hard shell helmet, protective sport glasses, neck guard, cut resistant gloves, knee pads, and shin guards.  Skaters must dress properly so that no areas of the skin, from the chin down to the toes, are exposed.  NO SKATER IS ALLOWED ON THE ICE WITHOUT THE ABOVE LISTED MANDATORY SAFETY EQUIPMENT ON.

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Speed skating practices and competitions take place in rinks where the corner side boards are covered by dense foam mats to protect skaters in the case of falls.

*Speed Skating Canada’s Guidelines for Protective Equipment for Short Track Speed Skating

What To Put In Your Skate Bag?

1. Skates:
Special speedskating boots and blades. The boots have no ankle support compared to hockey skates and the blades are longer (these can be rented from the club for the season).

2. Complete Hard Shell Helmet:
A helmet securely fastened under the chin in which the blade cannot penetrate the aeration holes must be worn for all activities (ie. No Bike Helmets).  Helmets must be ASTM F 1849 – 07 speed skating helmets or CSA approved hockey, snowboard/ski skateboarding helmets only.  For all other competitions and activities, the helmet must have a seal of certification meeting the actual ASTM F 1849 – 07 standards.  Speed Skating specific helmets can be purchased from speed skating vendors.

3. Protective Eye Wear:
Shatter-resistant glasses (clear or yellow are recommended) or a complete visor are required for all skaters. Glasses must be held in place by a strap. The Club sells goggles.

4. Cut Resistant Ankle Protection:
All skaters are required to wear ankle cuffs or socks that are made out of cut proof materials such as Kevlar or Dyneema, for both training and competition. The Club sells ankle protectors.  Mandatory. They are available from our online store.

5. Gloves:
Leather Gloves to protect your hands from sharp skate blades when you have fallen.  Must be Cut-resistant and water-resistant.  Mandatory. The Club sells gloves or they can be purchased from speed skating vendors.

6. Neck Guard:
All skaters are required to wear neck protection of a design covering the neck and all the soft parts of the upper chest area. It must be made with ballistic nylon or another cut resistant material. Hockey neck guards are ok. They can be purchased from a sporting goods store like Sport Chek or Canadian Tire or from speed skating vendors. Most skin suits also have a neck guard built in.

7. Knee Pads:
Special cloth knee pads (must be made of high density foam) to slow down sliding and protect the knees when you fall.  Knee pads made of hard plastic are not permitted.  Mandatory. They can be purchased from a sporting goods store like Sport Chek or Canadian Tire.

8. Shin Pads:
Smaller shin guards than soccer shin pads but with the same use.  Must contain hard plastic or built-in puncture/cut-resistant material.  Mandatory. Can be purchased from a sporting goods store like Sport Chek or Canadian Tire.

9. Socks:
They need to be thin socks for speed skates.

10. Micro Fiber Cloth:
Clean cloth for drying blades up.  Costco sells good quality clothes.

11. Skate Guards:
So you can protect the blade from chipping and dents when walking around off ice, as well as prevent the sharp blade from cutting something else accidentally when being transported or stored (ensure the blades are dried off with a towel first).  Mandatory. The club sells Guard Dog Skate Guards in a variety of colours.  Please ask or check our online store.

12. Skate Blade Covers (Soakers):
These can be used to cover the skate blades ONLY for storage or transport, even if the blades are not completely dried yet.  They can help soak up any remaining water droplets on the blades and prevent the blades from rusting.  One should use their finger to remove any ice chunks or chips that are still on the blades before putting the blades in these covers.  They can be purchased from our online store.

13. Skinsuit or lightweight streamlined, flexible clothing:
A skinsuit is very important for higher level skaters.  Spandex Full Body Suit meant to keep the skater warm and for aerodynamics. Skin suits can be purchased with a cut-protection layer built in. The Club has a team skinsuit that can be ordered when there is a minimum of 10 orders per year.

14. Water Bottle:
Keep hydrated at every practice and meet.  No Metal water bottles as they melt the ice.


All kinds of clothing can be worn for speed skating. Three criteria can aid you in your choice:

  • The clothing should allow freedom of movement
  • Conform to the body shape so as to not cause unnecessary wind resistance
  • Provide necessary warmth

In general, several thin layers are better than one bulky garment. Sweat pants will be more comfortable than tight-fitting jeans, and turtleneck sweaters keep the neck area warm.

Protective equipment is always encouraged: a speed skating helmet along with neck guard. shin pads and knee pads will help protect you in case of an awkward fall. Actually, people fall most of the time on that part of the body which is already well padded.


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