Competitions are held regularly throughout the season; each meet is hosted by different speed skating clubs and therefore vary in location. Many of these competitions are in the lower mainland. The Richmond Rockets Speed Skating Club hosts the V-Rrooom Challenge competition in February of each year at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

Most competitions are run as ability meets where skaters race against other skaters of similar ability rather than by age group; this allows skaters to better challenge themselves during racing situations.

At least one club coach tries to accompany and support club skaters who are participating in theses various competitions.

Registration fees average around $40-75 dollars for ability meets, age-class meets, or other competitions.  Most meets are held in the lower Fraser valley, within a one-hour drive outside of Richmond.

(Table from BC Speed Skating Association)

BC Speed Skating Meets & Events Calendar

See the BCSSA Events Calendar for upcoming competitions. ST events are Short Track events. Local competitions that are appropriate for Rockets skaters will be shared with qualified skaters if they are available. At this time due to the evolving COVID-19 restrictions, many competitions have been cancelled or are limited-in capacity.


Skater Categories

The Long Term Participant Athlete Development Plan (LTPAD) adopted by BC Speed skating and Speed Skating Canada guides the way we have competitions. Listed here are the LTPAD Program Age categories, defined as the skater’s age on June 30 before the event date.

Skaters in BC are involved in one of three streams: the Regional Stream, Provincial Stream or Performance Stream:


Acronymns / Glossary

LT Long Track
ST Short Track
L2T Learn to Train
T2T Training to Train
C4L Competitive For Life
U14 Under 14 years old
U16 Under 16 years old
F11/12 Female 11 years of age; Female 12 years of age
F13/14 Female 13 years of age; Female 14 years of age
M12/13 Male 12 years of age; Male 13 years of age
M14/15 Male 14 years of age; Male 15 years of age
BCWG BC Winter Games
CWG Canada Winter Games
BCSSA British Columbia Speed Skating Association
SSC Speed Skating Canada
ISU International Skating Union
BCST BC Short Track
KSSC Kelowna Speed Skating Club
ORTC Okanagan Regional Training Centre
R2RD Racing to Red Deer
LM Lower Mainland
NCCP National Coaching Certification Program
WEC Western Elite Circuit
TBC To be confirmed
PGB Prince George Blizzard
LTAD Long Term Athlete Development
LTPAD Long Term Participant Athlete Development Plan
RRSSC Richmond Rockets Speed Skating Club