Withdrawal Policy

Any request for a refund of registration fees can be submitted by completing the Skater Withdrawal Form and sending it to the Financial Assistance Committee (President, Treasurer, Registrar) at; however, there will be no guarantees of any or partial refunds.  Given that matters of financial assistance are considered confidential, all decisions of the Financial Assistance Committee are final and are not subject to further appeal within RRSSC. Each case will be decided based on the merits of the request and the financial stability of RRSSC.

The committee will use the following as a guideline when considering registration refund requests:

  • Non-Refundable costs – BCSSA/SSC Association/Insurance fees, payment processing fees, volunteer deposits and any purchased equipment from the RRSSC
  • If external funds are received such as KidSport, Jumpstart or Athletic 4 Kids organizations, refundable funds would include only the paid difference.
  • Withdrawal application form received prior to:
    • October 31: $25 administration fee will apply.  A pro-rated refund based on ice-time attendance in September.
    • November 1 or later: NO REFUNDS.  Withdrawals for medical reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be decided by the Financial Assistance Committee (President, Treasurer and Registrar).

Two specific considerations:

  1. Beginning skaters (first year in speed skating) of any age will be given up to 4-5 lessons to decide if they want to continue with the sport.  If they choose not to continue, a partial refund will be given minus the non-refundable costs and percentage season remaining.
  2. Any skater in which the skater or parent is involved in disciplinary matters or non-compliance with Richmond Oval or Club health and safety policies will not be granted any refund.

In the event of a closure due to COVID-19. A pro-rated refund will be calculated minus the non-refundable BCSSA/SSC and processing fees.

Updated September 10, 2020