December 3, 2020

Update on Restrictions

Dear Rockets Family

As per guidelines given by the BC Speed Skating Association based on the Provincial Health Officer’s orders on December 3 to further curb the spread of COVID-19, the following restrictions, in addition to ones we already have, are now in place until further notice:

  1. Travelling to a different community is allowed but only to your home club.
  2.  Adults 19 and up are not allowed to participate in club programming (intent is avoid the “coming together” of adults)
  3. Youth below 19 years of age can continue to participate with increased physical distancing of 3m

As before, spectators are not allowed besides support personnel and face coverings are required at all facility locations and on and off the ice. Please arrive 15 min before start time as the oval requires us to proceed to the staging areas as a group as late comers will not be admitted.
Stay safe.