President’s Message

Alexander Teh On behalf of the RRSSC Board, I welcome all past and new members to our 2021-2022 speed skating season. In the past year and a half we have faced many challenges, both operational and emotional and yet our members, in partnership with the Richmond Oval, have excelled and have grown both our club and our sport. The Richmond Oval is the official Regional Training Centre for the sport. We are very fortunate to have this as our home and hope that all members take full advantage of the facility’s amenities.

Our Board, Coaches and Volunteers are committed to providing the best possible experience for the speed skaters and parents that are part of our family. We choose to put the skaters first, ensure good speed skating equipment with safety in mind. As a volunteer-based club, we encourage everyone to support your children by participating in the sport as volunteers for Board positions and events. Please connect with our Board members or myself for more information.

In closing, I thank the RRSSC Board, Coaches and Volunteers for their devoted support of the kids and sport. A welcome to all skaters and parents and for each of you to learn, develop and grow as speed skating members for life … and, most of all, have fun along the journey!

Warmest Regards,
Alexander Teh

我代表 RRSCC 委員會,歡迎所有過去和新成員加入我們的 2021-2022 速滑賽季。



最後,我感謝 RRSSC 協會、教練和志願者對孩子們和運動的大力支持。歡迎所有滑冰者和父母,歡迎你們每個人學習、發展和成長為終生的速度滑冰會員……最重要的是,在旅途中享受樂趣!