Congratulations Rockets at Manitoba!

Congratulations to our Rockets skaters for excelling at the Canadian Youth Short Track (West) in Selkirk Manitoba this March 26 and 27, 2022!

Left to right: Andy, Roanan, Quirin, Second row: Kai, Tilman, Manuela, and Alivia

Alivia got silver with the 3000m female relay team

Roanan – Overall Champion and 4 gold medals

Alivia and Tilman


Roanan Tien-Vidal

Gold – 200m
Gold – 1500m
Gold – 3000m Points Race
Gold – 3000m Relay
Boys U14 Overall Champion award.

Quirin Teh

Gold – 400m
Gold – 3000m Relay
Silver – 3000m Points Race
Bronze – 1500m

Alivia Lam – Silver – 3000m Relay

Tilman Astor – Bronze – 3000m Relay


Video Replays

Day 1

Day 2