Our Friend Jim Minami

Message from Margot Worthy of Whatcom Speed Skating regarding our long time friend  US skater Jim Minami who comes to skate with the Rockets on Sundays.

From: Margot Worthy
Sent: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 14:38
Subject: Our friend Jim Minami

Skater friends,
Please be seated to read this heavy news.
Our friend and mentor, Jim Minami, is in the hospital, and we are told his passing is imminent.

We have contacted his family.  And now we contact you from the skating community who love him dearly.

Yes, this is sudden.

Our current (limited) understanding is that he had a fall at his home sometime Tuesday (morning? March 7) and hit his head.  When he didn’t show up to speedskating club practice on Tuesday evening (he’d never miss practice! red flag!), fellow skater Tim Demerjian and I went to his home.  By 11:30pm (Tuesday, March 7), with the help of Sheriffs and medics, he was on his way to the hospital in Bellingham.  We are told there is significant brain bleeding, however, and he is now on “comfort care.”

We skated together last on Friday at a public adult session, as we did each Friday.  Our 7 (or 8?) speedskaters shared the ice with only a handful of other skaters.  Jim had done his usual:  quietly rallying us to do 3 lap leads in a slow pace line, giving us each tiny (yet epic!) custom pointers, and skating up next to non-speedskaters to offer whatever golden tidbit would precisely help them in the moment, right where they were at.  A giver.

He was caught up, at one point in the public session, chatting with a 70+ year old hockey skater (… I nudged them to skate while they chatted so they wouldn’t get cold.  LOL)  A friendly person.

All in all, it was a glorious skate.  He and I were among the last stragglers to leave, and he turned to me with a big grin saying, “that was a GREAT Friday session!”  A shining friend.


  1. SHARE: Please forward this to others who know and love Jim.  If you’d like, you can cc me when you forward it to ensure they’ll be included in updates.  If this was forwarded to you, email me to be included in updates.
  2. SKATE: Please, skate fast and turn left for Jim.
  3. CONNECT: Take a moment to send thoughts of peace to him (via prayer or meditation or how ever energy moves for you). Reach out to others who know him— you are not alone.

Your presence in his life has brought joy to him.
Whether a new friend or an old friend, the connection is gold.

I’ll send an update.

Your friend, Jim’s friend,
Margot Worthy
Whatcom Speed Skating Club, president/coach
Bellingham, WA


Dec. 2022 “adult public session”— L to R Jed, Sally, Jim, Wayne, Margot Branden.


Feb. 2023 Richmond Oval meet— front, Branden; L to R, Jed, Jim, Margot, Tim


Jim at a Richmond Rockets’ practice.